Our goal is to hep you create the best possible app store and that’s why we generally don’t recommend adding ratings and reviews functionality. In recent years many sites (most notably Netflix) have dropped their rating and review system. There are several reasons for this and it has to do with the research into user behavior over the last few years. The facts are these:

  • Many reviews often do not reflect the actual quality of the app.
  • Users view apps with 3 or less stars as low quality and are significantly less likely to try them – even if the user has a strong need for the solution.
  • App stores with sparse app reviews (5 or less reviews per app) are quickly dismissed as low quality and lacking in popularity.

It is possible for ratings and reviews to have a positive impact on an app ecosystem but this is typically when there are thousands of apps with many of them in direct competition. Ultimately, we offer ratings and reviews because as the marketplace owner, it’s your vision – we’re just here to help bring it to life!

Viewing Reviews

All reviews can be viewed by clicking on the headline of the review.

All reviews have the same standard fields:

  • Date: The date the review was created.
  • Headline: A short summary of the review.
  • User: The user id that created the review.
  • Rating: The app rating. Ratings can range from 100 to 500 (1 star to 5 stars).
  • Description: A detailed description of the review.

Approving Reviews

Reviews can be approved by clicking on the review status and changing the status to ‘Approved’. Once a review is approved it becomes available in your Marketplace and can be viewed by users.

Deleting Reviews

Reviews can be deleted by clicking on the garbage can icon to the right of the review.

Review Statistics

Many Marketplace review statistics are available to help determine how happy users are with your apps:

  • Reviews: The total number of reviews for the Marketplace.
  • Average: The average review rating for the Marketplace.
  • Good: The percentage of apps with a rating above 3.5 stars.
  • Bad: The percentage of apps with a rating below 2.5 stars.
  • Reviews By Rating: The total number of reviews around each rating level.