A user’s ownership of an app can be removed using the Uninstall App API method. This is useful when users wish to disassociate their account with an app. There are a few different behaviors  when a user uninstalls an app but they are all handled automatically by the OpenChannel system:

  • If the app’s model required a “single” payment (and the user already paid for the app) then the user can re-install the app at any time without any additional charge
  • If the app’s model required “recurring” payment then the app will remain active until the end of the billing period
  • If the app’s was currently within it’s free trial then the user will not be eligible for the free trial if they try and re-install the app

An example of uninstalling an ownership with id “5565322ae4b0a70b13a4563b”:

curl --user {marketplaceId}:{secret} https://market.openchannel.io/v2/ownership/uninstall/5565322ae4b0a70b13a4563b