The Stripe Gateway API allows marketplace payments to be processed and distributed automatically using Stripe. Marketplace payment processing using Stripe is the quickest and easiest method of implementing payments for your marketplace.

OpenChannel’s Stripe integration manages user credit cards and payment processing, automatically deposits the the commission into your Stripe account and deposits the remaining balance into the developer’s Stripe account.

In order to user Stripe payment processing:

  1. You are required to setup and configure a Stripe account for your marketplace
  2. Developers are required to setup and configure a Stripe account
  3. Both yourself and Developers must be from a country that is supported by Stripe (see supported countries)

Payments must be enabled and ‘Stripe’ must be selected as the gateway in order to use these API endpoints. See Setting Up Payments With Stripe. Once the marketplace’s Stripe account is setup and integrated with the marketplace, The Stripe Gateway API can be used to allow developers to connect their Stripe accounts and users to manage their payment details. See Stripe Gateway for more details.

You must have administrator privileges for your marketplace in order to see Settings in the left navigation menu.

Connecting Developer Stripe Accounts

Allowing a developer to connect their Stripe account is as easy as redirecting the developer to a specific URL. Retrieve the URL by calling the Connect Developer Account API method with the developerId and the URL of where you would like the developer to redirected to once they’ve completed the connection flow.

As part of the API response, a URL will be provided. Example:

  "developerId": "123",
  "expires": 1432695338702, 
  "targetUrl": ""


Redirect the developer to this URL in order to begin Stripe’s account connection flow. The developer’s connected Stripe accounts can be retrieved using the Get Developer Accounts API method. A developer’s Stripe accounts can be disconnected using the Disconnect Developer Account API method.

Managing User Credit Card Details

Users can add, update, view and remove their credit card details. By setting up a credit card, users are able to purchase apps without the need to repeatedly enter their credit card details.

Adding credit cards requires the use of the Stripe.js library. After calling the stripe.createToken method, use the result.token value in the response as a parameter to call the Add Credit Card API method.

Although additional API methods are provided to allow for multiple credit cards to be added, updated and removed, the simplest and most preferred implementation strategy is to only allow the user to set a single credit card.

Simple implementation:

  1. Create a form to allow the user to enter their credit card details (name, card number, expiry date, CVC).
  2. Call stripe.createToken from the Stripe.js library to retrieve a token.
  3. Call the Add Credit Card API method with isDefault set to true.
  4. Inspect the Cards returned by the above API call and delete any card that is not the default using the Delete Credit Card API method.