With OpenChannel, you’re able to setup and create your own marketplace or partner portal sites. We’ve even open sourced our Angular and React (coming soon) reference implementations. The goal of self hosted sites is to allow you to setup your marketplace or partner portal quickly.

To configure a self hosted site:

  1. Login to your my.openchannel.io account
  2. On the left sidebar, click on “Sites”
    Select "Sites" on the left sidebar
  3. In the “Sites” section, on the top right, click on the “CREATE SITE” button
    Click on "Create site" button
  4. Fill out and save the site form:
    Fill out the create site form

    1. Name: your site name (eg: “Market”, “Portal”)
    2. Type: select the “self hosted” option
    3. Classification: select “users” to launch a market site or “developers” to launch a portal site
    4. Hosted URL: your hosting URL, even if it’s locally hosted. We use the origin request header passed by the browser to identify your site.
    5. After filling out the form, click on “SAVE”
  5. Then you should see your site listed
    Sites management

IMPORTANT: if you plan to have both Market and Portal sites, you will need to repeat this process twice, one for Market (classification: users) and another for Portal (classification: developer)

Once complete, the OpenChannel API is now able to recognize calls to the API as coming from your site using the browser supplied Origin header.