This guide outlines the details and terms for the OpenChannel’s on-premise build. With this build, you’ll be able to set up and test the OpenChannel service on your local development machine and within your cloud infrastructure.

License and Terms of Service

It is important to note that you must agree to the OpenChannel Software License Agreement (sent via mail) before downloading or running the OpenChannel docker images referenced here. This license is also in effect for any source code that may be shared in the next release milestones.

How To Guide

This guide will show you how to:

  • Configure the OpenChannel services and dependencies
  • Run OpenChannel service locally
  • Setup the OpenChannel service on AWS
  • Test to ensure that your service is properly configured
  • Suggestions for a production ready configuration
  • Click here to download the OpenChannel Setup Instructions guide.

Docker Images

Once you agree to the license agreement, you may get access to a docker repository containing the OpenChannel docker images. We may be updating these images over time so check back periodically to get the latest version of the image from the docker repository.

IMPORTANT: Sharing of these docker credentials outside of your organization is strictly prohibited.