This OpenChannel Sample app will help you get up and running with an app store proof-of-concept in just a few minutes.

Below we have a sample developer app submission and marketplace site built in Node.js and using the OpenChannel API. The sample allows a developer to manage, submit and edit apps for a marketplace while the marketplace allows a user to browse and install apps.

  1. Create an account at (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Download the Node.js sample, unzip it and navigate to the root directory
  3. Log into your account at and get your API credentials from Settings -> API Credentials. Take the marketplaceId and secret and place them in the config -> request.js file
     The developerId and userId is hard-coded to “1” for this sample. When integrating into your product, set the developerId to the unique id of the authenticated user that is creating the app.
  4. Run the command ‘npm install’ at directory root
  5. Run the command ‘node index.js’ at directory root

Download Developer Sample