Admin users are users that you can invite to view, modify and approve apps using the Administrator Dashboard. New administrators can be added by clicking your name in the top-right navigation bar then by clicking the User Management link. Once on the user management page, a user can be invited by clicking the  and adding the “Invite User” button and providing new user’s email address. The user will receive an email that will help them create an account for your app store.

You must have administrator privileges for your marketplace in order to manage user accounts.

Administrators can be removed by clicking the Remove link on the right side of the administrator account record on the User Management page.

Administrator User Permissions

Each user may have specific permissions and restrictions.

There are two global permissions:

  • Admin: Gives super user access to all of the Marketplaces.
  • Billing: Gives the user the ability to view and modify billing information.

Each user may be given more granular permissions for specific Marketplaces by clicking on the Market Roles link on the right side of the user record.

There are two market permissions:

  • View: Gives the user the ability to view the Marketplace.
  • Moderate: Gives the user the ability to approve, reject, and suspend apps.

Update Account Details

Details for your administrator account can be modified by clicking on your account name on the top-right navigation menu and selecting My Account. From here your email, name and password can be modified. You may also subscribe to receive email notifications about specific events. There are several types of events:

  • New App Submission: Occurs when a developer submits a new app for approval on the Marketplace.
  • App Suspension: Occurs when an app is suspended on the Marketplace.
  • App Removed: Occurs when an app is removed from the Marketplace.
  • New Review Posted: Occurs when a new review is posted to the Marketplace.