Why can’t I see Settings in the left navigation menu?

You must have administrator privileges for your marketplace in order to see Settings in the left navigation menu.

How do “attributes” work and how can I use them?

The attributes field allows you to add fields to apps that only administrators can edit. This is useful if you want to mark apps as “Featured” or ‘Top Pick” by creating an attribute called “Awards” and then assigning the value. When adding attributes you must use “comma” or “enter” to separate the values, for example “a,b,c”<enter>. See Marketplace Settings for more details.

How does the “Explorer” work within the Management Dashboard?

The explorer is a read only object finder where you can explore apps, developers, users and files. It can’t be used to make updates.

Can I setup a callback for when apps are approved or rejected?

Yes, you can setup a webhook to listen to the app.approved or app.rejected events by logging in to your management dashboard, clicking on Settings from the left menu and then selecting the Webhooks tab. See Configuring Webhooks for more details.

How does the “auto-approve” feature for apps work?

When a new version is published and auto approve is set to true then the changes are automatically approved and bypass the marketplace administrator. This means that any new apps or app changes will be automatically visible by users.

Am I able to query for app ownership by username?

Yes but only from the Explorer within your management dashboard. This cannot be done via the API and is not recommended since usernames can change or be reused over time. We don’t recommend using user metadata items like username or email to query the OpenChannel API as this information may be changed by the user. Instead we highly recommend using the unique user identifier that never changes and is never reused.