Querying Apps for a Developer

When a developer is looking to manage their apps, it’s useful to display all the apps (including drafts and pending versions) that the developer has created. We call this the “developer view” and you can get this information using the List App Versions API method. Without any parameters this method will just return all the versions of apps ever created by the developer. However, we want to make the “developer view” simpler and more intuitive using the query and sort parameters.

The standard API call for creating a simple “developer view” for a developer with id “123”:

curl --user {marketplaceId}:{secret} https://market.openchannel.io/v2/apps/versions? 
    query={"$or": [{"status.value":"rejected","isLatestVersion":true},{"isLive":true},{"status.value":{"$in":["inDevelopment","inReview","pending"]}}]}& 

This standard API call will display the following:

  • App versions that are rejected but only if it’s the latest version for this particular app
  • All app versions that are currently live (approved or suspended)
  • All app versions that have a status of “inDevelopment”, “inReview” or “pending”

This results in an relevant list of apps that the developer can manage without getting overwhelmed by previous or irrelevant versions of apps.