When a user is looking to browse apps on your marketplace, it’s useful to display all the apps that have been approved by marketplace administrators. We call this the “user view” and you can get this information using the List Apps API method. Without any parameters this method will just return all the live versions of apps regardless of whether their status is “suspended” or “approved”. However, sometimes we want the “user view” to contain apps with a status of “approved” and be filtered by a specific category.

A category is just a custom field that has been supplied within the customData field when creating the app. This example applies to any filtering of custom fields – not just by category.

The standard API call for returning a “user view” filtered by category for a user with id “123”:

curl --user {marketplaceId}:{secret} https://market.openchannel.io/v2/apps?

This standard API call will display the following:

  • Apps that have been approved by marketplace administrators
  • Apps that have a current status of “approved”
  • Apps that have a category of “Sales”

If the user is logged in then you’ll want to supply the userId to the OpenChannel API calls. This allows OpenChannel to return additional information about the app including the ownership status relative to the current user.