Searching apps returns App Pages based on query and text criteria. This is useful when allowing end users to search through available apps using text based search. You can search for apps by specifying the text that you want to search for as well as a list of fields that you want to include in the search using the Search Apps API method

When listing apps on your public marketplace, it is important to filter out suspended apps from the results. This can be achieved by adding the “status.value”: “approved” clause to your query parameter.Results can be returned with additional user-specific data in the app listing by providing the userId. When the userId is provided, app ownership details are automatically added to the app results; statistics are gathered on usage and app restrictions are enforced. Always supply the userId when an authenticated user requests an app listing.

The fields method for this API allows you to specify which fields should be search as well as the search priority ranking. For example, in the field list: [‘name’,’customData.summary’,’customData.description’], search hits on the name field will be higher up in the results than hits on the description field.

An example of searching for approved apps with text “electricity” in specific fields for a user with id “123”:

curl --user {marketplaceId}:{secret}