How an App is Created

When we talk about creating and updating an app, we are almost always talking about creating a new version of an app. An app can be any piece of functionality that complements a product or platform. You decide what defines an app on your platform or what information must be submitted for each app type. To learn more about creating or updating your first app from the API, please see our Creating Apps guide.

When a new app is created, it’s actually first creating a new version of that app. After the app has been submitted for approval and moves to the “inReview” status then that version becomes locked and cannot be changed. This, however, doesn’t mean that the app cannot be updated by the developer. It can be updated but will be submitted as a new version of the app that must also go through the change approval process. 

There is an exception, a new app version is NOT created if the app version being edited has a status of “inDevelopment” (draft) or “pending” – in which case, the current version of the app will be updated. This of course, all happens automatically behind the scenes within the OpenChannel API which means that app versioning is one less thing that you need to worry about. An app version is created by overwriting the required app fields for an existing app version as well as adding custom JSON (including URLs, texts, lists and other elements) to the customData field. An app version has a few distinct features:

  1. An app version can be created by a developer (in an “inDevelopment” (draft) state) but is not viewed by a marketplace administrator until the app is published. By publishing the app, the version is placed into a “pending” state.
  2. Once approved or placed into “InReview” by marketplace administrators, an app version cannot be modified by the developer. Any updates will create another app version that must be approved before the public details of the app can be updated.
  3. An app version (representing a new app or update to an existing app) can be rejected by marketplace administrators.

Creating a new app as a system administrator

Generally, creating an app will be something that will be done by the developers who sign up to do so on your developer portal, however, in some cases you might want to create an app directly on your dashboard. For example, apps just to test the system or internal apps.

Logged to your dashboard on your Development Environment, click on Apps, on the  left menu.

Click the “Create App” button.

You will then need to assign this new app to a developer account and select an App Type.

Once you select the App type, you will need to fill in the fields that are requested by this specific App type. Note that not all the fields are mandatory. After completing the field, click on Create.