The marketplace webhook URL can be configured by logging into the Management Dashboard and clicking the Settings button on the left navigation menu then clicking the Endpoints tab. Webhooks allow you to programatically subscribe to different events that will be posted to your URL as they occur.

You must have administrator privileges for your marketplace in order to see Settings in the left navigation menu.

Webhooks can be implemented in three steps:

1. Add your webhook URL and select the desired events. Your webhooks URL should use an SSL connection (https) in order to safeguard your system from various possible attacks.

2. Verify events (optional)

 If security is a concern, you can verify an event’s authenticity and prevent unauthorized use of your webhook URL by capturing the eventId and using it to request the event message from the Events API method. In order to ensure security, always verify events and never process the same message twice. Verifying events is important for safeguard your system from various possible attacks.

3. Process events

Once the webhook URL is configured you will start receiving event notifications from your Marketplace. Event notifications are JSON objects that are sent to your webhooks using the POST HTTP method.