When a marketplace administrator approves or rejects an app, developers can be automatically notified with an email. Automatic email notification can be enabled by logging into the OpenChannel dashboard at my.openchannel.io and clicking on Settings -> Emails.

You must have administrator privileges for your marketplace in order to see Settings in the left navigation menu.

When Email Notifications are turned on, a new set of options are presented to help customize the look and feel of the emails.

Developer email addresses must be set using the API in order for them to receive email notifications. Learn more about Developer Accounts here.

Once enabled, email notifications have sensible defaults that can let you up and running quickly. The only mandatory fields are From Email Address and From Name which determine what the developer sees as the from email address and name when receiving the email.

In addition to the customization of the look and feel of emails, it’s also possible to send the emails through your own SMTP server.