Our design guides contain the fundamental building blocks for your app store design. Each guide contain pages, each with their own elements to help design your user experience:

  • App Store Home Page – The main landing page for users visiting your app store with elements including featured app tiles, app categories and collection menus
  • App Details Page – A page devoted to a specific app that your user wants to learn more about including activation buttons, app icons and image and video galleries
  • App Search Results Page – A page for results from a user search query with app search listings and alternate layouts.
  • Login Page – A page where users and developers can log onto the marketplace.
  • Signup Page – A page that allows developers to create their partner account.
  • Developer App Pages – A page where developers are able to create, manage and submit their apps.
  • Profile Page – A page that allows either developers or users to manage their account.

Design Inspired By Greatness

Today’s leading platforms should be admired for designs that empower developers to build powerful tools, and empower users to choose apps that make their life better. Developers and users are put front and center, which is the way it should be.

Our design guides are inspired by these companies, helping you learn from what they do well and then go beyond to make them your own. They are a starting point and foundation, empowering you to design and build your own App Store Platform.

Preview the guides for the layout, elements, look and feel that best suit your company. From there, download the Sketch file and start designing!

Design Guide #1


A clean and simple approach to your app store. Elements are used minimally or removed althogether, making for a simple and easy to navigate UX.

Inspired by the Slack App Directory


Design Guide #2


A bold design that makes a strong impression on your user. More informaiton and elements are included, allowing the user to explore further, while still keeping an intuitive design.

Inspired by the Github Markletplace


Design Guide #3


An exciting design approach, letting your app store stand out from the crowd. Elements like categories are used in unique ways and app ratings and recommendations are included.

Inspired by the Shopify App Store