Marketplace and Partner Portal Sites

Setting Up Self Hosted Angular Sites

Overview The Angular template is an open source, Angular based reference implementation of our marketplace and partner portal sites. These implementations can be downloaded, customized and launched in minutes. We’ve released these sites so our customers could benefit from our established best practices, launch a marketplace or partner portal quicker and maintain control over the…

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Configuring Login and SSO for sites

Within OpenChannel, users and partners are able to log into marketplace and partner portal sites using either Native Login or SSO. With Native Login, OpenChannel will act as the identity provider by storing and managing the user account data. Native Login is the fastest and easiest way to allow users or developers to register and…

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Custom SSO Implementation Using Introspection

Some OpenChannel customers have custom built SSO solutions that are not compliant with the OpenId Connect specification. To connect custom built SSO to OpenChannel and allow users and developer to be able to login and make calls through our Client API we can simulate the OpenIdConnect Flow. Setup Marketplace or Partner Portal The first step…

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