Frequently Asked Questions

Management Dashboard FAQ

Why can’t I see Settings in the left navigation menu? You must have administrator privileges for your marketplace in order to see Settings in the left navigation menu. How do “attributes” work and how can I use them? The attributes field allows you to add fields to apps that only administrators can edit. This is…

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Do I have to know the “userId” of a user to get the ownership record of a specific user? Yes you will need to know the userId for a particular user to get the ownership records for that specific user. The best way to get a list of apps currently owned by a specific user…

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App & Versioning FAQ

I’m seeing gaps in my app versioning, why? Sometime you’ll see gaps in the versioning in your app. You might be missing versions but there are a few real scenarios where this may happen: A version was deleted by an administrator or a developer with sufficient permissions. Multiple draft versions were created and published out…

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