OpenChannel is an all-in-one solution for building and managing your app ecosystem. First, developers are able to register, login, submitting apps and manage app updates from within your fully customizable OpenChannel provided partner portal. Next, users are able to search, discover, purchase and install apps from within your fully customizable OpenChannel provided app marketplace. And finally, you the ecosystem owner are able to manage, monitor, track, approve and inspect apps all from within your OpenChannel dashboard.

When it comes our app ecosystem solutions you have two options:

  1. Fully Hosted: Have OpenChannel create, customize, maintain and host the app marketplace and partner portal front-ends. This option gives you the fastest time to market and ensures success with the full experience of our professional services team behind you. However, it’s more costly than the self-serve approach.
  2. Self Hosted: Take on the job to customize and host the app marketplace and partner portal front-end sites yourself. This option gives you full control over the development and hosting of the sites. However, you’ll need your own design and development teams to get the job done and it also takes longer to launch than having OpenChannel customize and host the sites.

Fully Hosted App Ecosystem

OpenChannel’s fully hosted solution ensures success and gives you the fastest time to market. We’ll guide you every step of the way and customize the experience to meet your needs and designs. To get started with our fully hosted solution Contact Us.

Self Hosted App Ecosystem

OpenChannel’s self hosted solution gives you the most control over your user and developer experience. We’ve built our solution from the ground up to be API first. This means that every action and event within OpenChannel can be done programmatically. Whether you choose to provide your app marketplace experience from within your product, website, electron app or all of the above, we’ve got APIs to help you achieve that.  To learn more about our APIs, check out our Market API and Client API documentation.

The quickest way to get started with your self hosted app ecosystem is with our open source app marketplace and partner portal template sites. These template sites are full fledged reference implementations. The goal of these templates is to get you 90% closer to your goal of launching your app ecosystem. However, these templates are generalized and can only take you so far. You’ll need a software developers to customize the sites in order to bridge the gap between our templates and your requirements. We currently offer app marketplace and partner portal templates built in Angular and React.

Angular Site Templates

The Angular template is an open source, Angular based reference implementation of our app marketplace and partner portal sites. The code can be downloaded, customized and launched in minutes. We’ve released these sites so our customers could benefit from our established best practices, go to market quicker and have control over the code.

The code consists of three Angular projects:

To get started see our guide on how to setup self hosted sites using our Angular Templates.

React Site Templates (Coming Soon)

We’re still working on the React version of our app marketplace and partner portal templates. Check back soon!

Trying Out Your Partner Portal

Once you’ve got your fully or self hosted site up and running let’s create a developer account and publish an application on our partner portal.

Import Sample Applications

We have set up sample applications that will allow you to dive directly into a dashboard abundant with test data. If you havn’t already done so, from your my.openchannel.io dashboard, navigate to the Help button on the left sidebar, then click Quick Start.

Upon doing so, you’ll be presented with a survey form, allowing you to tailor your OpenChannel experience to your use case. Select the Informational Only, Downloadable Files and Web Plugins app types.

Next, select the options that apply to the type of marketplace you’d like to set up and complete each survey step.

Finally, click Import Sample Apps to populate your app marketplace with sample data.

Creating a Developer Account

First, navigate to your partner portal.

Then, click Sign Up in the top right, enter a Name, Email and Password, then you’ll have to activate your account.

Check the inbox of the email address you signed up with, and there will be an email with a link for you to click. Upon doing so, you’ll be presented with our activation prompt as seen below:

Click activate then log back in using the credentials you signed up with.

Creating an App

Voila! You’ve made it to your very own Partner Portal where you can submit applications to your marketplace.

From here, click the Create app button, and you’ll arrive at a new form.

Select an app type (these are set up in your my.openchannel.io dashboard and you’ll have various categories you can choose from which are dependent on your choices made when importing sample apps), set an app name and any other fields then click the submit button. Note: Apps can be saved as drafts meaning they won’t be sent to your dashboard and submitted where they’d be sent to your dashboard for approval upon review.

Approving a Submitted App

To approve the app you submitted, navigate to your my.openchannel.io dashboard and log in. Once logged in, click Apps on your left side menu, and you’ll be presented with your app. Finally, click the ellipsis on the right then, Change Status.

The final form of this process allows you to set the state of an app. In this instance, select Approved in the Select Status dropdown and then the save button.

You are now able to view the approved app on your self hosted or fully hosted app marketplace.